Desiree Perez Advocates for Gender Equality in Music Industry

Data Highlight Gender Disparity

  • Among CEOs, chairpersons and presidents of music companies (or the senior executive of the music division of other companies), only 13.9 percent were women.
  • When broken down by company type, the gender composition is also predominantly male. Women comprise small numbers of senior management roles at major music companies:
  • Music groups (23.4 percent)
  • Live music and concert promotion (30.8 percent)
  • Radio and streaming companies (40.6 percent)
  • Broadening the number of companies, women held only 12.8 percent of top executive positions at 117 major and independent companies, broken down by company type as follows:
  • Music groups (0 percent)
  • Live music (6.7 percent)
  • Streaming (7.1 percent)
  • Labels (11.7 percent)
  • Radio (20 percent)
  • Publishing (22.2 percent)

Desiree Perez Provides Solutions for Industry

1. Create pathways and opportunities

Familiarity breeds inequity. With executive positions dominated by men, those roles tend to be filled by men.

2. Boost Mentorship Programs that Support Women

Leaders, of all genders, need to support and mentor women in the field. The industry needs to do more to create networking events that give women access to contacts that can drive career growth and opportunity.

3. Create Dialogues around Sexual Harassment and Ageism

The Annenberg survey found three core drivers of gender inequality in the music industry: sexual harassment and objectification, ageism and male-dominated resources.



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Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a music industry executive with decades of experience in the business, and currently serves as CEO of Roc Nation.